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Tech Guardian developed a responsive and functional classified website for TradersHub. The initial version (1.0) was also designed by Tech Guardian just a bit over a year ago.

The Project

TradersHub has been dubbed the GumTree of Nigeria by blogs and users after its initial successful launch last year. After the successful spell of Version 1 (also developed by Tech Guardian lasted a year), it was time to give Traders Hub a new look, more responsive graphics and new functionality while remaining suitable for purpose.  The management team, brand consultants and new investors were very clear on requirements: few elements from competitors and unique finishing touches that will make TradersHub stand out.

The result is a finished project that exceeded the expectations of our client and the new investors they have on board.

The Client
TradersHub is Nigeria’s safe home of buyers and sellers. It is a platform where genuine traders post an ad of their products and services and genuine buyers find such adverts and patronise the sellers..

Initial Handover
September, 2015

Present & Future
The site is managed by member of staff of TradersHub with technical supervision provided by Tech Guardian.

Live Site
See the active design at:

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