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To many awaiting the iPhone 6S, you may as well get the iPhone 6 for less and enjoy the same iOS because if this picture on Apple webstie is anything to go by, there appear to be no obvious cosmetic changes to the exterior. Perhpas the interior will differ

See full reports:

Apple fans who skipped the iPhone 6 waiting for the next version of the popular smartphone might be left disappointed: it could look identical.

That’s according to images published on respected Apple-watching website 9to5 Mac, which it says were leaked by insiders.

The phone will debut in the autumn, and the metal casing appears to suggest that it will be the same thickness and width as the existing model.

Rumours that the iPhone 6S would have a dual-lens camera appear to have been quashed by the casing images, which just show one hole for a camera lens.

Some iPhone 6 owners had grumbled about the visible antenna lines on the phone, and Apple recently applied for a patent on a technique to hide them.

But the casing shows that the lines are still present on the new model.

The lack of external changes mean that case and accessory makers will not have to worry about redesigning their products for the new phone.

But while the exterior may be incredibly similar, there are bound to be numerous changes to the inside – including a speed increase and other features.

The website says that internal mounting details – which match logic board information known to 9to5 Mac – suggest the images are genuine.


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