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Company Summary

Tech Guardian Limited is the IT Department for small and medium scale businesses in the UK. We specialise in providing complete ICT services ranging from IT support to advance system and network design, installation and maintenance. We also cater to modern web and multimedia developments while also helping businesses to get the best deals when it comes to buying IT hardware and software.

We are presently the technology guardian of over 25 businesses in Greater London, Essex, Cambridge and Reading while our web services are patronised across UK and beyond geographical borders of Europe.

Company Profile

Our History
Tech Guardian was initially established in 2005, initially knows as Virtual Memento Solutions. Since then business has acquired 10 years of practical experience of looking after the general and bespoke needs of business across different industries especially the construction, media, engineering and education industries. During this successful journey, our feedback had increased our confidence as well as helped us better tailor our service to businesses.

In October, 2014, the business was incorporated as a private limited company and has since had a smooth transition retaining all clients as they were all carried along. Some of our clients even had input when we were designing our logo; that is how well we get along with our clients.

Our Team
We have a team of IT and network administrators as well as skilled web and multimedia developers. Our present team boast of practical and theoretical knowledge with relevant industrial qualifications including Masters Degrees, Bachelor’s Degrees, MSCE, PRINCE 2, CCNA, NIM and ITIL.
In Our Words
At Tech Guardian, we have an uncompromising dedication to offer you complete business support. Our ICT, Web, Media and Procurement approach is real, researched, creative and effectively applied to suit your needs.

At Tech Guardian, servicing you is not a job; it is a passion. Our response is fast, our solution is efficient, our price is affordable and we are reliable; this is what we call the FEAR Factor.

Meet The Guardians

We remain diligent and relentless, thanks to these amazing guardians